About Us

Spruce shades are high quality, polarized sunglasses made from sustainably harvested wood and bamboo. Our singular goal is to bring you great looking, durable shades that won't break the bank.

All of our lenses are made from impact resistant triacetate cellulose, which are polarized to significantly reduce glare, and then hard coated for scratch resistance.

We think we've created a pretty special product, and while we know that you'll love how you look in them, the best part is that your wallet won't kick you in the pants when you lose them. You're welcome, pants.

We're still a new, growing company, so we always appreciate feedback and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to reach out to us via social media or our contact page, and we'll make sure you're a happy camper! 

Spruce Shades

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